96th Infantry Reenactments

Living History Group

96th Living History Group

As a living historian and grandson of a WW2 vet as well as some of my living history buddies, we all gather info from a variety of places to ensure our accuracy, some web sites such as www.atthefront.com and www.whatpriceglory.com provides great info and accurate uniforms and equipment.

Another great place is original photos, photos provide excellent minute details most people overlook, for example photos may have soldiers wearing double buckle boots or maybe roughouts with leggings and etc, photos show the uniform and how they wore it. Another place for good info is WW2 Training Manuels, they are great sources for one reason, its the way the guys were taught back then and its what we use now. Another great source of info is the vets themselves, the provide us with the daily ins and outs of a soldiers life during the war.

I usually buy the real uniforms whenever I can and I buy the original equipment whenever possible, it has that history already behind it and the vets seem to know what is real and what is reproduced as far as how it is aged, and I would just assume have the real deal for the vets to look at and handle, some have even put my uniforms on.

Now that all being said there are some groups out there that their stuff isn't authentic nor real, nor does it come close to the real deal, however I have not personally ran across them here locally in my area.

Jason Denno

Batfish Benefit

The Batfish benefits are held in Muskogee Ok(Muskogee War Memorial) Home to the WW 2 Submarine USS Batfish SS310. We usually bring in WW2 displays such as equipment, uniforms, weapons and photos and eventually vehicles.

We also have WW2 Vets come in as our guest of honor to share their stories with the general public. The idea behind this is to bring awareness to the museum itself and help with continued funding for preservation of museum artifacts and the submarine itself.

The admission for this event is never more than the weekly general admission. All historians involved with this event do it for free: they set their displays up and visit with the public and teach them about the struggles of our American people and our Allies during WW2, along with the struggles of those that were oppressed during occupancy of their country. Our Vets really bring home the human aspect of WW2 and the sacrifices made by so many.

USS Batfish SS-310
2013 3rd Batfish Benefit

Our hopes for the future is to continue to bring more displays out, we hope to continue with our public education and basically provide a wholesome family outing for all ages to enjoy a day out at little expense to them and still be able to bring in more funds to the museum for further growth.

Jason Denno with WWII Vet, Deadeye, Calvin Clements


The family of Bill Hill wishes to thank Jason Denno for attending the funeral service and for saluting the flag covered casket of William R Hill.

It was special having a representative of the 96th Living History Group attend in his authentic uniform of the US Army during WWII.

Ft Gibson
Captured Flag
Camp Cook

Jason Denno, Reenactor and Grandson of Deadeye Louis J Denno.




Please advise us of any other Living History Groups, Reenactors honoring the 96th Infantry Division.