Louis J. Denno,



A Tribute by Jason Denno, grandson of Louis J Denno


My grandfather went into the Military during WWII. He was a member of the 96th Infantry Signal corp Company C. He served in the Southern Phillipines and Rykus islands, earning a Good Conduct Medal, Phillipino Liberation Ribbon with Two Stars, A Bronze Arrowhead, American Defense Ribbon and an Asiatic Pacific Ribbon.

My grandfather was without a doubt my HERO, his inspiration has helped guide me and shape me into the man I am now.

Grandpa never really talked much of the war to anyone, but he would on occasion tell me of his travels to the Japanese held islands that he traveled to on the US Army's dime.

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On one occasion Grandpa told me of a friend, DoHan, who saved him from being bit by a cobra that was wrapped around his boots.

Another story was about him clearing out tunnels and he had to kill a Japanese Officer, taking his sword and flag that was traded for whiskey because Grandpa didn't feel as if he would live to get home, I never believed that story about the flag until after he died, I found photos of him holding a sword and flag.

As life progressed I aimed my life at helping others and didn't realize what the brotherhood was that grandpa always spoke of as in his fellow soldiers, I ended up working as a Deputy Sheriff and soon realized what brotherhood meant after racing into a structure fire to save an elderly woman along side a fellow officer.

Grandpa was a lineman during his war time exploits, and every once in a while he would speak of his buddies. He would then stop with tears in his eyes, get out of his chair and walk away, I don't know what he saw there, but after the Joplin tornado of May 22 2011, I have a slight idea after being in the debris field for several weeks with a rescue unit in which I am a LT.

I know the men in the military of WW2 saw and did a lot, and to me They are all HEROs. I only wish my Grandfather had told me more, or should I say I wish I would have listened more.

I dedicate this to all Vets of WW2: It is because of them that I try to be the best man, father and husband that I can be.

God bless.

Jason Denno, Deadeye grandson

1944 Medford, OR

Harold Straube and Louis Denno

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At Camp Adair
Harold Straube, Thelma Denno, and Louis Denno

"DoHan" the guy who shot the Cobra!



"I'll Be Jiggered"

My grandfather and Grandmother moved to Roaring River, Cassville Mo and built a home in the 70's and started a jig business that every summer I would go help them pour jigs, mow the yard and paint jigs,

These are some of my fondest memories of Grandad because I got a lot of one-on-one time with him.

After My Grandmother passed away in 1981 Grandfather gave me his Deadeye book that he signed, he said "Grandma always wanted me to give you this, Im sorry she isnt here to see you get it." I lost that book in a house fire some years back but man I'll never forget him giving it to me. I feel like my Grandfather always had this connection that no one else had, he always had that twinkle in his eye.

His home was built out in the woods and my Grandfather would always feed the racoons on the back porch in the evening. Those coons were so funny to watch eating and on occasion they would bring their babies up to eat. And of course during the daytime the hummingbirds were fed who in their own right are just as funny, I can still smell that ole house and hear Grandfather saying, "Well I'll be jiggered."

Maplewood Cemetery at Exeter, Missouri


Grandson of a Deadeye, honoring my grandfather, Louis J Denno

Jason Denno, grandson of Louis J. Denno, during a WWII reenactment honoring the 96th Division "Deadeyes" at Ft. Gibson, 2013
Jason Denno, wearing an authentic WWII army uniform with 96th Infantry "Deadeye" patch.

Jason Denno can be reached on Facebook on the 96th Infantry Living History Group and on the 96th Infantry Living History Group. Com   

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