Donald O. Dencker, Deadeye

Co L, 382 Infantry Regiment, 96th Infantry Division, U.S. Army

Leyte, Okinawa

1st Lieutenant 802nd Engineer Aviation Battalion




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Love Company
 Infantry Combat Against the Japanese World War II  
by Donald O. Dencker


Don Dencker's book, Love Company "Tells it like it was" during infantry combat against the Japanese.
Dencker began researching for his book Love Company in 1994 and spent about seven years writing it.
"I remembered a lot of personal incidents, but when you're in a combat unit, unless you're the commanding general or some high officer in it, you don't really know what's going on in the big picture," Dencker said.
"You're there trying to do your job and stay alive, that's what it amounted to. I remembered a lot of things, I made a few notes, which you weren't supposed to do, and then I did a lot of research."

William Buckner, son of General Simon Buckner, highly recommends Denker's Love Company,"If you have not read this book you should. While I struggled with five other books about the Battle of Okinawa, when I came to the Okinawa section in Dencker's book, I simply could not put it down until I had finished it."


Don Dencker's Love Company Squad




"Love Company" is now back in print!

Don Dencker's daughter, Ann Dencker, will sell the remaining books for $15 each (which includes shipping.) If people would like to buy one, they can mail a check to her at:
Ann Dencker
1601 Monticello Lane
Waunakee, WI 53597
Questions email anngarykids@yahoo.com.

Copies of the citations are also available Each copy of the 2-page Presidential Unit citation is $6. Each copy of the Philippine citation is $2. Both include shipping. Same address and email.


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