Donald O. Dencker, Deadeye

Co L, 382 Infantry Regiment, 96th Infantry Division, U.S. Army

Leyte, Okinawa

1st Lieutenant 802nd Engineer Aviation Battalion

& Korea



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Video "Ultimate Warfare - Okinawa"


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"Nobody thought about themselves - It was too intense!"

Donald Dencker in the video below.

Outstanding video is 44 minutes long and well worth watching!

"Local WWII veteran shares experiences in pages of 'Love Company"     "It's not a romance," Donald Dencker of Sun Prairie said about his book, "Love Company."

Don Dencker, World War II veteran signs his book, "Love Company"
The 96th Infantry is the Army Reserve unit at Fort Douglas
"Okinawa: Island Fortress"

This documentary aired on the Discovery Military Channel - March 19, 2013

Deadeye Don Denker was a key player in the making of this documentary!




During the day of April 20th, Company I and Company L, aided by Company K in the afternoon, drove to the south end of Tombstone Ridge, with our 3rd Platoon attempting to take a small tree-covered knoll just east of the south tip of Tombstone. This little knoll, called Hill 7, became the focus of a furious battle during which the Platoon Leader, 2nd Lieutenant Lyle Shreffler, was killed. The 1st Platoon Leader, 2nd Lieutenant Emil Roemer, was also wounded and evacuated.

Article By Donald O Dencker    


Audio War History Interview
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Don was shocked to see that the captain played by Tom Hanks in "Private Ryan" wore his captain's bars on his helmet at D-Day.

At Okinawa, says Dencker, "We stripped our insignia, including the red crosses on medics.   Captains and medics just made for more tempting targets. It was a war without mercy. It was kill or be killed--no prisoners," Dencker, now 80, recalls to news-week. "Our chaplain carried an M-1 rifle, and he used it."

From The Daily Beast Newsweek, Aug 14, 2005