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“The Deadeyes, The Story of the 96th Infantry Division”

by Orlando Davidson

Comprehensive account of the 96th Infantry Division during WWII.

Highly Recommended by the 96th Infantry Division



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“Love Company”

by Donald O. Dencker, Deadeye Division Historian

Royalties from the sale of this book go to the 96th Infantry Deadeye Association Heritage Fund.

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“Okinawa the Last Battle”

compiled by the Center of Military History of the United States Army,

Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC.

by Appleman, Burns, Gugeler and Stevens

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“A Guide to Battle Sites and Military Bases in Okinawa City”

This booklet shares with you a glimpse of the conditions in Okinawa City during the war, and the people’s experiences at the time. The second half of this booklet includes information about the US military bases that still occupy 36% of city land since the war concluded more than 60 years ago.

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382nd Fox Company

by T/SGT Jay S. Waxman

Illustrations by T/SGT Fitzgerald F Cookson

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"Etched Deep in My Mind"

by Deadeye Herman Buffington

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Buffington, who passed away in 2014, was a combat infantryman in the last battle of World War II, the Battle of Okinawa. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army’s 96th Infantry “Deadeyes” Division and this book is his personal recollection of the battle.
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"Seven Stars …The Diaries of Buckner and Stilwell"

by Sarantakes

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"Leyte: The Return to the Philippines"

by M. Hamlin Cannon

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"WWII As I Remember It"

by Deadeye, Wylie Nielson

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"Freedom for All"

by Deadeye, John Palmer

Medic E Company 382nd Regiment

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WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall

116 Page full-color photographic book on the WWII Memorial

Introduction by Senator Robert Dole and photographs by Stephen R. Brown.

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“The Battle of Okinawa, as Seen From the Foxholes of Ken Staley”

by Deadeye, Ken Staley.

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"Yours in Comradeship"

by Ed Dukan

An Unofficial  history of the Deadeyes

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"US Army Handbook 1939-1945"

by George Forty

OUT of Print

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Okinawa The Last Battle

by Appleman, Burns, Gugeler and Stevens

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96th Infantry Division


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"Cross in the Background"

by Randy D. Horsak

"The touching story of William Cricket Horsaka high school football superstar who went from the football field to the battle field, finding himself thrust into the carnage of the Battle of Okinawa. He survived the horror and tragedy of war, only to continue fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for the rest of his life."

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"The US Infantry, Queen of Battle"

Col. U.S. Army Richard J. Stillman

January 1, 1965

OUT of Print



The Adventures of a Sherman Tank Driver in the Pacific

by Deadeye, Robert C. Dick      Co. C. 763rd Tank Battalion

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Pictorial Review of World War Two

Out of Print


Leyte 1944

The Soldiers' Battle

by Nathan N Prefer



US Army Military History

by Anderson

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Okinawa Odyssey

By Bob Green

Tenth Army of the Pacific by twenty-year-old second lieutenant of the 763rd Tank Battalion attached to the 96th Infantry Division.

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The Battle of Okinawa 1945:

The Real Story Behind Hacksaw Ridge

by Jon Diamond (2016)

5 minutes of "The Seige Begins"


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"Goodbye Darkness"

by William Manchester

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"The Battle of Okinawa and the Atomic Bomb"

by George Feifer

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G.I. - The American Soldier in WWII

by Lee Kennett

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“Operation Iceberg"

The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in WWII - An Oral History

Recounts the story of the last major battle of World War II, one of the few to involve combined U.S. forces, through the words and images of the participants

By Gerald Astor

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“Okinawa, The last battle of WW II”

By Robert Leckie

Marine and Pacific War veteran tells the story of the invasion of Okinawa in the closing battle of WWII

Video Interview of WWII historian, Robert Leckie



"Words of War: Volume Three"

Park Tudor Legacy Initiative   

Edited by K Lerch.


"Eagle Against the Sun"   

Ronald H Spector


"With the Old Breed"  by Sledge

An HBO Miniseries


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