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New Webpage - Donald O Dencker

This little guy turns out to be our own Deadeye, Don Dencker.

Click the image to go to his brand new Website,

Developed and hosted by Jan Wharton and Bill Hill of RemembertheDeadeyes.com


Borrowed Deadeye

New novel about Deadeyes just out. Click image to request your free download.

By William R Hill




New Tribute - Deadeye James D Jackson

This is a beautiful tribute to MIA Deadeye James D Jackson you will want to read. It contains a stirring story written by his son-in-law, who never met him. This is a must read!



New Tribute - Deadeye Roland Champagne

Tributes to Deadeyes are added frequently. Click to go to the most recent.

Go Directly to New Tribute to Deadeye Roland Champagne

You will find a link there to view his beautiful military funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.


Wreath Laying Ceremony for WWII Pacific Service Members at the WWII National Monument while Deadeyes are there for the 2016 Reunion.

Click Photo for larger Image.

Click HERE for a link to view the video on our Tributes Page.

Click HERE for a link to view the video on our Videos Page


New Streamer for the 96th Infantry

The "Queen of Battle" streamer was added to the Official Deadeye Flag during the 2016 Reunion in Washington, DC

This banner was made by Jan Wharton and submitted to the Reunion committee, and was approved for placement with the Official 96th Infantry Flag.


Deadeyes in the News

Fox 59 comes to the Home of Deadeye William Hill to make a video about Remember the Deadeyes.

Go Directly to the video by clicking on this Star




William R Hill Webpage


Deadeye in the Classroom

WWII YouTube Presentation which can be used in schools. Complete with printable handouts.

Four new school presentations Click School


Free Download of Leyte Book

Free Download of the Book Leyte: The Return to the Philipines


Get to Know More about Ernie Pyle

New Webpage about Ernie Pyle and his contributions to WWII


Change of Commander Ceremony

The 191st Combat Sustainment Support Battalion welcomed their new commander, LTC Harold Clements, with a change of command ceremony on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Clements replaces LTC James Groark who commanded the 191st CSSB during their recent overseas deployment to Kuwait.


A Tribute to Brig. General Claudius M. Easley

A Deadeye Tribute to Brig General Claudius Miller Easley

With newly discovered clear image of him demonstrating correct form.

Also check out the rare photos of Brig Gen Easley's gravesite in Okinawa - contributed by Captain Bill Porter.


A Tribute to Admiral Raymond Spruance

A Deadeye Tribute to Admiral Raymond Ames Spruance

"Admiral Spruance escorted Deadeyes safely from Leyte and fought off hundreds of Kamikazes to protect their vulnerability on the ground."


A New Logo for Remember the Deadeyes "Dogface Deadeye

New Cartoon DogFace Deadeye was drawn for us by Artist,

Donna Lyons


What was VJ Day?

Did you know two days are called VJ Day? Where were you on VJ Day?

Share with your Grandkids and Great-Grandkids about VJ Day and lots of other fun stuff about the Greatest Generation and WWII era on the Deadeye Extras page!


Marjorie Main

Learn more about our Deadeye Pin-Up Girl, Marjorie Main


The Musette Bag

The MUSETTE BAG and has lots of new entries

This page is full of WWII teaching reference and Good to Know items about WWII and the ARMY