William Richard Hill, Deadeye

 WWII School Presentations

WR Hill 18 years old and just drafted into the US Army

High School Presentation
Carmel High School, Carmel, Indiana

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Elementary Schools
"Americans are proud of their veterans!"

Veteran's Day 2015

I have a beautiful memory of the day.

It was my personal pleasure to tell parts of my WWII story to the students of four schools on this Veteran's Day. There was a mix of students in first, fourth and eighth grades.

My presentation was for the most part respectful of their ages. In each school students sang with me a few lines of the famous song “My Buddy,” honoring those who sacrificed their lives for their country.

Students were very respectful and I received many personal messages thanking me for my presentation and service to our country.

Over 300 students honored Veteran’s Day 2015 with me!

Special Thanks go to Carol Ford, Glenn Hine and Stephanie Gessner for making these presentations possible. They have served as guardians on the Indy Honor flights and are special people in my life.


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The Orchard School, a private school in Indianapolis, Indiana

Rousseau McClellan Montessori School 91, a magnet school in Indianapolis, Indiana

Cardinal Elementary, a public school in Brownsburg, Indiana
St. Susanna, a Catholic School in nearby Plainfield, Indiana

This short You Tube video was Made at St. Susanna's School.

Middle Schools
Brownsburg East Middle School

November 10, 2014

hWith Sophia at her Middle School


Suitable for Students 12-13 years and Older

This Presentation is known familiarly as the "Jelly Sandwich Presentation."   h

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