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Welcome Deadeyes, Families, and Friends of Deadeyes



This site is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the 96th Infantry Division of WWII and its current members -

"The    Deadeyes"





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This project is vested until the year 2024

We are a Deadeye dad and Deadeye daughter team on a mission to gather stories to help preserve the legacy of the U S Army’s 96th Infantry Division, to assist those who are searching for information, or want to locate other Deadeyes, and to enhance the legacy the Deadeyes leave to future generations. We hope to help preserve their memory of these Deadeyes for their progeny. So please help this website grow - for the future!

Deadeye, William R Hill, (Bill Hill) & Daughter, Jan Wharton



William R Hill Webpage

We have been pleased to create personal webpages for Deadeyes . Please email us if you would like to honor your Deadeye this way on Remember the Deadeyes



from "WWII as I Remember It" courtesy of Deadeye Wylie M Nielson (Click for link)


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