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Battle of Okinawa 70th Anniversay Wreath Laying

Don Dencker worked dilligently with the 96th Infantry Divison Association Heritage Fund to place Memorials dedicated to the 96th Infantry around the world. There are now memorials in the North, East, South and West of the USA and memorial sites in other countries. Thank You, Don Dencker.

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Memorials Honoring the 96th Infantry Division - "Deadeyes"
*96th Infantry Memorial - Leyte *Easley Range - FT.. Ben - GA *Marine Camp Foster - Okinawa
*Arlington National Cemetery - VA *Eldred World War II Museum - PA *Moskala Training Center - Torri Station
vCamp Adair - OR *Ft. Benning - GA *National Memorial Cemetery Pacific - HI
Camp Buckner - NY *Ft. McCoy MOH - WI *National Museum Pacific War - TX
*Camp White - OR *Ft. Douglas - UT *WWII Memorial - Washington, DC
Combat Infantry Badge - IL *Ft. Snelling - MN *Okinawa - Officer Memorials
Cornerstone of Peace - Okinawa Gen MacArthur Memorial - GA *Torri Station - Leyte
*Cumming Field - GA MacArthur Park - Leyte *World War II Museum - Philippians

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* Placed by the 96th Infantry Association Heritage Fund
Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington, VA - 1999


CLICK for PDF file of dedication of Monument and Living Memorial Tree

This tree was planted with the memorial underneath commemorating the 96th Infantry Division.

Monument under the Memorial Tree

The 96th Infantry Tree in the Autumn.

Block 34

General Easley Monument -  Arlington National Cemetery

96th Infantry Plaque at the Tomb of the Unknowns

(General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. is buried in Frankfort Cemetery, KY)

The video of beautiful military funeral service of Deadeye, Roland Champagne at Arlington. May be seen by clicking HERE. The password is  Myhero.
National WWII Memorial - Washington, DC


96th Infantry Memorial - Dulag, Leyte
Blue Beach Hill 120

Memorial to the Unknown American Soldiers on Leyte

Memorial Libraries


Commemoration of Raising the First U.S. Flag on Leyte

World's Largest Deadeye Helmet
Dagami Library

Torii Station Army Chapel "Grieving Soldier"

Welcome from the Children

Torii Station
Moskala Training Center

Ed and Mary Buckner Brubaker

General Douglas MacArthur Park



96th Infantry Division - Okinawa
Colonel May
Restored Monuments to Col. May and Brig. General Easley on Okinawa

Monument placed the 96th Infantry Division Association





Easley's Final Resting place is in Arlington National Cemetery

Restored Monuments to Col. May and Brig. General Easley on Okinawa

Buckner Monument in Okinawa


Cornerstone of Peace Park Okinawa
The U.S/ section contains the names of 5521 Army, 5191 Navy, 3263 Marine and 20 Civilian Dead.

James Koslow makes a rubbing of his brother Peter's Name while on a Valor Tour to Okinawa with Don Dencker, Click  image for Koslow story.

Richard Heindel points to his father's name - Harold Heindel, KIA on Okinawa


Mary Brubaker visits the inscription of her father, Gen Simon B. Buckner. He was the highest ranking office to be killed in the Pacific war. click image to go to Gen Buckner


National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

Pdf document of the Memorial Monument Dedication

Fondly called the Punchbowl as it is a "Hill Sacrifice"

Map of Island of Koboolawe showing the location of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Camp Adair - Corvallis, OR

The 96th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army was activated at Camp Adair August 15, 1942.

"We Kill or Get Killed."

With the outbreak of World War II, the 96th Division was ordered into active military service on August 15, 1942 at Camp Adair, Oregon.

Major General James Bradley was chosen to command the unit. At the ceremony, he stated, "We of the 96th Division have a clearly defined task. It is to become a well-trained combat division in the shortest possible time.  We must keep our eyes; we must keep our thoughts on that goal. Any time spent on efforts which do not lead to the goal is time wasted ? and we have no time to waste."

"This is the kind of a division we are going to be: well trained, tough physically and mentally, ready and eager to fight, not for our personal glory, but for the honor of the division and the service of our country."

Go to Gen James Bradley Webpage


Front of Memorial

The monument back image Shows Map of Travels of the 96th Infantry Division

Memorial Gardens



Historian Don Dencker at Monument Park Memorial Gardens at Camp Adair

There were over 100,000 troops who trained at Camp Adair.  These included four Infantry Divisions.



Veteran's Day Article by Lynn Hasselman "Oregonian"

Camp Adair Memorial Garden YouTube video by Moonstruck Exploring
Ft. Benning National Infantry Museum  - GA
Easley Range at Ft. Benning
Plan for the Front
Home of the "Queen of Battle," Fort Benning, Georgia, tells the story of how we keep our infantrymen highly trained with the most weapons available.
 Combat Infantry Badge - Elgin, IL  


The Combat Infantryman Badge is a US Army military decoration. It is awarded to infantrymen and Special Forces soldiers in the rank of colonel and below, who fought in active ground combat.

Fort Snelling National Cemetery - Minneapolis, MN -  2014

The 96th Infantry Division Deadeye Association provided a granite monument with a bronze plaque to honor the memory or our fallen comrades of the 96th Infantry Division, U.S. Army who were killed on Leyte, Phillippines and Okinawa, Japan.


Granite 96th Infantry Monument

For all Deadeyes who fought with valor and distinction to defeat Imperial Japan during World War II.

Dedication of 96th Infantry Division Monument

The Old Round Tower
Deadeye Dispatch Ft Snelling Memorial
Beautiful Deadeye Bouquet

Fort Douglas Museum - Salt Lake City, UT - 2003



"All Gave Some, Some Gave All"


MacArthur Memorial - Norfolk, Virginia

2 2 2
96th Infantry Flag presented

Click Image for information about MacArthur

Medal of Honor Memorial Building - Fort McCoy, WI - 2000


Anderson Hall

Dedication of Beauford Anderson Hall.

Click image to go to website honoring Beauford Anderson


American Cemetery and Memorial
Marine Camp Foster
Manilla, Philippines


Deadeyes attending the Dedication of 96th Infantry Street Sign

Deadeye Historian, Don Dencker, honoring the grave of Joe Winters, COL/382.
96th Infantry Division Monument
St. Belvoir
Jaro, Leyte Philippines

Memorial with names of Filipino soldiers who fought the Japanese


Cumming Field - Garden City, GA



Baseball Field

Honoring 2nd LT. Britt C Cumming 383rd Regiment E Company

KIA 29 April 1945 Okinawa
National Museum of the Pacific War - Fredericksburg, TX
2 96th Infantry Division Memorial Plaque

Pdf Memorial Dedication


Location Guide to Plaques

Deadeye, James Foster, 382nd, Love Co. on Veteran's Day, 2018

Eldred World War II Museum - Elred, PA

Eldred World War II Museum

Division Display

Eldred, PA

Camp White Museum
Camp White Museum - Gerald Simas 382 beside monument

Camp White 1941
At Camp White

Camp White was built on the Agate Desert, near Medford, Oregon, at the start of World War II. It was first the home of the 91st "Fir Tree" Division under Major General Charles Gerhardt.

Camp White trained the 96th Division as well as engineering, medical, and artillery units between 1942 and 1945.

360 degrees of the Camp White Military Museum
Camp Buckner at West Point
Camp Buckner Monument at West Point (Photo Right by Alarmy)

Military Cemeteries around the World



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