Woody Martin & George Kern

by Tom Martin, a Deadeye Son


The following colorful and insightful stories are provided by Tom Martin, a Deadeye son.

They were written about his dad, Deadeye, Woody Martin, and one of his dad’s best friends and buddies in combat: Navy Lt. George Kern, also a Deadeye.

Martin's stories also include other Deadeyes and vets in and around Shawneetown, Illinois.

Martin and Kern's ”JASCO” unit was attached to the 3rd  Battalion,  383rd Regiment, 96th Division during combat operations in both Leyte and Okinawa. 

Deadeye, Woody Martin
Woody Martin Remembrances

George Kern Selections

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Woody Martin (left) & George Kern (right) on Conical Hill


"Okinawa Mud"

by Tom Martin

Joint Assult Signal Company Team Luzon
Map Drawn on George Kern's Memoirs

George Kern with Tom Martin

This picture was taken in San Diego around 2003, and was Tom’s first meeting with George Kern after twenty years of telephone calls. George never got the chance to connect with Woody, as his call came in to his home after his death in 1982.

George Kern with Tom Martin

Author Tom Martin's stories include many Vets from around Shawneetown, Illinois.  He provided this newspaper article about Sgt. John Fox, also a Deadeye, who fought in Leyte.

It's like O'l Diz use ta say, " If you dun it, it ain't braggin'!"

Woody Martin 1943
Woody Martin with sons Tom and Travis around 1981