A Thank You Gift for You

A Deadeye Bookmark

This “Remember the Deadeyes” bookmark has been provided for you as a gift for visiting our site. For quality it is has been created in the PDF format. If you do not have the PDF technology it can be downloaded free from the internet.

It can be printed on heavy paper, printed back-to-back, easily cut out, and laminated. Just use the rectangle on the soldier side as a pattern.

On the front you will find a picture of Deadeye John Heifner with his Garand rifle. I took it shortly after the war ended with my little Brownie camera. John saw action on Okinawa as a combat infantryman in the 382nd Infantry Regiment, and joined the division as a replacement on May 1st 1945. He lived in Arlington, Indiana. John passed away in 2014

Hopefully you will find this bookmark useful and it will help you “Remember the Deadeyes”

My best regards, Bill Hill


There are two different fronts for this bookmark. The only difference is the background colors. One is vivid and the other is pastel. The back is the same for each of them.

Each page makes three bookmarks.

The Vivid Front

The Back

The Pastel Front

1. Choose which front you would like.

2. Click on one front and one back.

3. The PDF file will appear. Download each of the files. Each page makes three bookmarks.

3. Print the files, front to back -they line up nicely. Card Stock works really nice.

4. Follow the borders of the book mark to cut out your bookmark with the borders as wide as you would like.

5. I you can, laminate it

Enjoy while "Remembering the Deadeyes!"