Who Were the Deadeyes?

Deadeyes came from all over the country. They were draftees, volunteers, college men from the ASTP, farmers, scholars, factory workers, teachers, backwoodsmen, and pardoned prisoners; and they got the job done.

The 96th Infantry Deadeyes during WWII included
* 381, 382, and 383 Infantry Regiments
* 321 Medical Battalion
* 321 Engineer Combat Battalion
* 361, 362 and 363 Field Artillery Battalions
* 921 Field Artillery Battalion
* 96th Military Police
* 96th Signal Company
* 796th Ordinance Company
* 96th Quartermaster Company
* 96th Reconnaissance Company
* 96th Division Band
* 593 JASCO Army Unit

(An attached Signal Core Unit that directed fire from ships - off-shore in Leyte and Okinawa)

Deadeye James Autrey

How many Deadeyes died in WWII?


The Deadeyes in WWII suffered 18,835 casualties. This figure includes 3,135 killed in action, and 12,246 wounded. The last number includes battle fatigue. At that time the division was listed as tenth from the top of eighty-three divisions.


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How did the number of casualties from the Army 96th Division, compare to the number of casualties from the 6th Marine Division?

"Casualties which would bring the 6th Marine Division total up to 200 to 300 below the 96th Division total listed abouve.(However, I think, from reading the Marine Corps Okinawa Battle book, that their Combat Fatigue casualties are in their large Injured in Action totals for their 1st and 6th Marine Divisions.)  

One thing that could lower our total from the official total would be lightly wounded men who were aid station treated and went back to there
Company, thus missing out on a Purple Heart. Probably not over 200 men.

One thing I think we can safely say is that our total casualties at least equaled and probably exceeded that of the 6th Marine Division."

Don Dencker, Deadeye Historian


What do the two 96th Division Insignias mean? The shoulder sleeve insignia and the distinctive unit insignia?

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96th Infantry

Double Diamond

96th Infantry

Subdued Double Diamond


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