WWII Presentation

Suitable for Students 13-14 years and Older

Brownsburg East Middle School
November 10, 2014
in Honor of Veteran’s Day
by William R. Hill of Indianapolis, Indiana

Mr Hill is a decorated member of the US Army 96th Infantry Division and saw combat in WWII on Okinawa. He and his daughter Janet Wharton have a contemporary website: www.rememberthedeadeyes.com.

Here you will find his complete story, handouts given to the students, items of interest to all age groups, and his latest feature; Deadeyes; Queen of Battle.

This WWII presentation was prepared to inform middle school students at their age level
It began with several experiences in basic training, and its effects on the soldiers.
The narrative then lead into sighting B-29 bombers returning from bombing Japan, and into experiences on the tropical island of Saipan.
At this time students joined in with the singing a sad song in honor of soldier who had been killed.
Many incidents of a serious nature unfolded about combat on Okinawa which included the effects of hot shrapnel, a shattered army tank, and firing on enemy infiltrators.
The narrative concluded with an opinion about dropping the atomic bomb and a critique about the Greatest Generation.
The Veterans Day observation closed with everyone singing “America”.

Preparing the Presentation

To talk about my two year experience to students in their last class required me to first capture their attention. I did that by emphatically asking for a promised and missing “jelly sandwich.”

They needed a reference point; so following that introduction they were invited to come back in time with me when I was their age.

I really couldn’t in conscience, cross lines of discretion for young minds, but I did bring their attention to items they could relate to which gave them some shock.

I provided two handouts ahead of time for the teachers to pass out informing them about WWII, as I did not have time for a Q and A session.
One handout answered many essential items about the Army experience, and the other expanded about the Deadeye’s website and where they could find more information. It also included names of famous people in Indiana relative to my WWII experience.

There also was information about the two main battles the unit was in and why they were necessary.
Let us not forget Kilroy; a curiosity in WWII. Enjoy the pictures and take the time to read the interesting and full story on the website. Click on the “Musette bag”.

I received many nice letters from the students thanking me for my service and presentation. One student admitted that he was the one who stole my sandwich.

It was a fabulous experience that I really enjoyed. William Hill.    

Printable Handouts to Download in Pdf format
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Q&A for Students

Mr. Hill may be reached at hill@rememberthedeadeyes.com

or by phone 317-244-9007

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