William Richard Hill, Deadeye
M Co/382rgt/96th Infantry Division U.S. Army
sHonorable Experiences
w A Final Salute


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Honoring a Deadeye Buddy, John Heifner, a Final Salute

w A Visit with Jason Denno, Grandson of Deadeye Louis Denno

Jason is the Grandson of Deadeye, Louis J. Denno, and his tribute may be found on this website. (Click)

"I talked with Bill Hill a couple of weekds ago on the phone.

My visit with Bill was a life changing event, one I didn't expect. I was on a search to find my Grandfathers past, to know more, I would have walked to the ends of the earth for answers, the meeting with him lifted that burden of answers, it set my soul at ease so to speak.

I truly feel as if now my quest is at least resolved and answered and I can carry on in Grandpa's spirit now and truly hold the memory of him and all Deadeyes in the highest regard and do my absolute all to honor them all.

Bill gave me a feeling that cannot be explained but I feel whole again.

I told him all this on the phone as tears streamed down my cheeks."

Jason Denno


Back on the"Holding the .30 cal Garand rifle in my hand was rewarding. It is a lot heavier than 70 years ago; yet still weighs about nine pounds. Denno handed it over to me, I put it on my lap and soon appreciated that old feeling of security and comfort and very dangerous fire power in my hands. As I remember, the number on mine years ago was 1110073. sandy company street in Camp Blanding,Florida when I was in Basic Training, I slapped the wood so loud, hard and precise on one Saturday inspection that a long time cadre man complimented me. That felt good and I proudly remember

I thank my good buddy Jason Denno for visiting with his nice family and bringing it so I could hold one in my hands once again."     Bill