William Richard Hill, Deadeye
M Co/382rgt/96th Infantry Division U.S. Army
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I had a unique unique opportunity to promote this website. I was interviewed in my home by a reporter from Fox 59, a prominent TV station in Indianapolis on May 4th, 2016.


Jacob Miller, the reporter is seen on the left and Shaun Murphy the video photographer is on the right

I prepared and read a script and Miller asked the pertinent questions while Murphy videotaped it. They were both professional and cordial. Miller then put it all together in his video lab and office downtown Indianapolis. This video was produced as part of a series veteran's interviewss named "Hoosier Heros."




Thank You, Jacob and Shawn!

The video may be watched by going to this link.

At Fox 59


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - An Indianapolis veteran is preserving the history of the World War II unit he served in and the brave comrades he fought alongside with.

William Hill created the website, rememberthedeadeyes.com about 7 years ago.

He served in M Company of the 96th Infantry Division of the Army.

Hill says he is the last living member of M Company that served during the Battle of Okinawa in April of 1945.

After the war, Hill worked as a reporter for the army newspaper until he was discharged.

He went on to work at Allison for nearly 40 years, but would often write about his experiences with the Deadeyes.

After convincing from his children, Hill created a website filled with stories, pictures, videos and information about those who served.

What he experienced in war, the lives lost and the friendships made are why Hill says he honors his comrades to this day.

“I would not have been near the human being if I had not had that experience,” said Hill.

Mr. Hill also lectures on his experience in World War II and says he often helps families looking for information about a loved one who served.

There is more than five hours of reading content on the website including stories, poems, pictures and videos.

More than 22,000 people have visited rememberthedeadeyes.com.

For information, email William Hill here.

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