WR Hill 18, Inducted into the US Army

William Richard Hill, Deadeye

M Co/382rgt/96th Infantry Division U.S. Army

Okinawa, 1945

WR Hill 90, Sharing his WWII Deadeye Story with students in schools around Indiana



wSchool Presentations

Carmel High School
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I was honored to present my story of my military service during WWII. I told the story of my experiences as a Deadeye serving in Okinawa. It was my pleasure to tell my story to the respectful students and staff of Carmel High School

Monday, February 6, 2017
For those of you who were unable to attend the WWII presentation that my brother made at Carmel High School back on February 6, the school has provided an edited video that you might enjoy. The students seemed to enjoy the opportunity to hear a WWII veteran tell of the anxious moments of an 18 year old entering into a combat situation for the first time and how he felt serving his country during this perilous time. His talk concluded with a standing ovation from the 160 students who watched attentively and many lined up afterwards to meet him and have their pictures taken with him. I think he enjoyed the occasion as much as the students seemed to. David Beltz
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