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About "Always a Deadeye"


The seeds of “Always a Deadeye” were actually sown in the year 2000. This was when my son Paul and I took a tour back to the old battlegrounds of Okinawa. As we shared our combat stories, a warm realization swept over me: these men were my new buddies, and we were all Deadeyes. After returning home, and a little later on, I put these feelings of camaraderie and sacrifice into this poem. I fussed over the words and meter and when it was finished I passed it on to other members of the tour. Jim Causey read it at the following 96th Division Reunion. I was of course delighted with the acceptance.

I have an illustrated copy available for you to see or to print on this site. To have a decorated copy of this poem, just click on the small decorated copy below for a PDF file to copy to your desktop and print.


"I was honored at the 2006 Deadeye Reunion in Denver, Colorado, when I was asked to stand as Always a Deadeye was read during the memorial service."