Deadeye John Heifner Last Honor

A Farewell Salute from William R Hill


Several years after the war, Bill Hill began searching for his old buddy John and he remembered he was from Alexandria. Bill always thought John was a great guy. After a few telephone calls Bill made contact and they met in Noblesville with their wives at a restaurant for lunch. Much to Bill’s disappointment John didn’t remember him. So Bill kept reminding him about several incidents but John still couldn’t remember.

Barbara called Bill a few weeks later and said that John was beginning to recall some things after all. Everyone kept in touch by phone and then later on by email. Then one day in 2013 Barbara emailed Bill and said John was terminally ill and had returned home.

At that time Bill came up to see John and when he had arrived John had previously experienced a seizure the night before and did not recognize him. Bill had brought his army shirt with him to show John’s family his medals and insignia, because he knew they were identical. He put it on over his other shirt and went into see John the second time and as he was his buddy and wanted to give him a final military salute of respect. It was at this time the short video was made and pictures taken. It was of course a very sad time for John’s family and Bill felt like an inadvertent intruder. He was introduced to John’s family as they came in and felt much honored to meet John’s fine family