"Dog Face Deadeye"

In Honor of All Deadeyes who fought in WWII



The term "DOGFACE" was first used by Bill Mauldin in his cartoons. The characters Willie and Joe became synonomous with the term "GI" - Government Issued. The common, regular soldier was called the dogface soldier. The term Dogface Soldier was written into a song, often sung, proudly by two US Infantry soldiers. Link to Bill Mauldin

WWII Dogface Soldier Song

"Dogface" was later adopted by many U.S. infantrymen during World War II. One soldier explained the term arose because the infantry "lived in pup tents and in foxholes were treated like... dogs [during] training... and had dog tags for identification." The difficult conditions the infantrymen endured made the nickname a term of pride and honor" from Citizen Soldier - another Great WWII site - link

Our Dogface Deadeye

Dogface Deadeye was created exclusively for use for and is licensed solely for use by by Donna Lyons. It cannot be copied or used without written permission. Copyright 2014


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