Deadeyes Remembered

Deadeye William R Hill commissioned this painting to be a way of honoring and remembering the stories, memoirs and tributes written by the soldiers of the 96th Infantry Division "Deadeyes." It was his final project for his beloved Deadeyes.

He died before being able to see it posted on this website. It was his last wish for us to make this available to all who love and appreciate all of the WWII Deadeyes.




We don't have prices set. Please email me if you are intersested in purchasing a high resolution, numbered and signed by the artist. It will be printed on archivable quality painting.

I would like an idea of how many of you would like to have this in 36" x 24" and down.

Please send me an email if you are interest in purchasing this. Those who respond first will receive numbered prints in the order responded.

It will be determined how many will be printed in the first run by the number of responses.

  Email to Janet Hill Wharton