421st Quartermaster Company


"We Supply, by the Sky"




Deadeyes from the 421st Quartermaster Detachment.

They did an outstanding job air dropping supplies from Qatar to Afghanistan/


The Quartermaster Corps is the U.S. Army's oldest logistics branch, established 16 June 1775. On that date the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution providing for "one Quartermaster General of the grand army and a deputy, under him, for the separate army." From 1775 to 1912 this organization was known as the Quartermaster Department. In 1912, Congress consolidated the former Subsistence, Pay, and Quartermaster Departments to create the Quartermaster Corps. Quartermaster units and soldiers have served in every U.S. military operation from the Revolutionary War to current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The function of the Quartermaster Corps is to provide the following support to the Army:
general supply (except for ammunition and medical supplies) Mortuary Affairs, food service, petroleum, and water




The Greatest Generation Deadeyes Salute YOU!


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