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US soldiers of 7th and 96th Infantry Division and elements of 27th Infantry Divis...HD Stock Footage
Ultimate Warfare - Okinawa
Features Deadeye Don Dencker, Historian
World War II - The Battle of Okinawa

(full documentary) by the Discovery Channel Added Oct 3, 2014 includes Deadeye Historian, Don Denker

96 ID Medal of Honor Anderson, Beaufort T
This excellent video is on Youtube and uploaded by Daryl Brown.  

United States 10th Army invades Okinawa, Japan during World War 2 HD Stock Footage

by Critical Past

US 96th Division, 381st Infantry soldiers advance towards Zebra Hill in Okinawa

by Critical Past
WWII Okinawa in HD
Five night event on History Channel
by Critical Past
The Pacific: Inside The Battle - Okinawa (HBO)

The bloody World War II battle at Okinawa is recalled by U.S. veterans and the team behind the HBO miniseries "The Pacific." For more information, visit http://itsh.bo/fxdJKU.


Features Deadeyes Don Dencker and Leonard "Laz" Lazarick

Discovery History Military full documentary
"I Fought for You"

A moving, patriotic tribute to our military, past and present. Thank you for your service! This video was produced by "The Sound Tank". For more info:


The Battle of Okinawa: World War 2 Facts, Kamikaze Attacks, Timeline, Summary, Significance (1995)

The Film Archives

Battle of Okinawa: "Report From the Ryukyus" 1945 US OWI; World War II


Japanese Sign Final Surrender   日本の降伏

This is a beautiful clean version by United News that is nearly free of snaps and pops. It features the voice of General MacArthur.

Appointment in Tokyo 1945 by Reel America

Japanese Surrender in Color (1945) Photos and Video


This color footage of the Japanese surrender ceremony on board the battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) on 2 September 1945, was filmed by Commander George F. Kosco. In 2010, the Kosco family had the film restored, and the footage is presented now for viewing by the public. Source: Naval History and Heritage Command, Photographic Section. (Note: The original footage is silent. The 2010 restoration of the film by the Kosco family includes overdubbed music by the United States Navy Band, which has been removed to avoid possible YouTube copyright violations)

WWII COMBAT FILM IN COLOR   Periscope Film LLC archive

Published on Aug 7, 2014
This full color film from WWII documents the invasion of the Ryukyu Islands including Okinawa.


The US Flag is raised over Okinawa after the victorious end of the Battle of Okinawa.

Critical Past video

HD Historic Archival Stock Footage WWII - Invasion Of Okinawa 1945

Buyout Footage Historic Stock Footage in True HD

Okinawa World War II - Lost Evidence - 5 Videos by The History Channel

(Many Deadeyes believe this series gives more focus on the Marines' role and less on the Armys' than it should.)





Victory in Europe Youtube video of the celebrations
VE Day in London 1945
The Battle of Okinawa Documentary
Battle of Okinawa Newsreel
US Division 96th and 381 advance behind a tank and wooded area
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