Deadeye Documents

96th Infantry "Deadeye" Documents

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Declassified Documents

•Beachhead Operations of the 3rd Battalion-381st Infantry (96th Infantry Division) in the Assault of Okinawa


•Operations of E Company, 381st Infantry (96th Infantry Division)in the Attack and Consolidation of Positions on Kakazu West, Okinawa


•Operations of the 382nd Infantry (96th Infantry Division) in the Penitration of the Japanese Naha-Shuri-Yonabarhu Line, Okinawa


*Operations of the 96th Infantry Division in the Amphibous Landing and Initial Action on Leyte, October 1944


*Leyte Campaign - An infantry Division in an Assault Landing and Operations to Secure a Portion of a Corps Beachhead Area in a Tropical Area   Battle Report   - Major Claudius M Easley, Jr.


*Battle Report Ft Benning: David Banks, CPT


*Battle Report Ft Benning: Clyde E Hughes, CPT


*Battle Report Ft Benning: James Hewette, CPT


*Battle Report Ft Benning: Edwin Emerson, 1LT


*Battle Report Ft Benning: Lawrence Fawcett, CPT


*Battle Report Ft Benning: Arsene Bonifas, CPT


*Battle Report Ft Benning: John Blair, CPT


•Battle Report Ft Benning: Dennis W Neill, CPT

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Unclassified Documents


NEW! *Detailed Observer's Report- Operations OkinawaEverything you want to know (and things you didn't know you wanted to know) about running the operations in Okinawa 1945

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Action Report - Handwritten

Miller - Thomas

April 1,1945