Write Your Deadeye Story

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Are you a Deadeye with a story to tell?  

If so, you have come to the right place!

If you have a short story to tell - that is great, but the longer narrative gives more background and is much more meaningful.

bullet Why tell your Story?  
  • All of your family and descendants will know what you did in the service.
  • Someone may be searching to find out if you were with their granddad or son, or to learn exactly how and what happened.
  • Your buddies in the 96th will have a chance to read it too.
  • You are putting together a historical document that will be read
    and enjoyed for years afterward.
  • You may inspire someone else to tell their story.
  • You may amaze yourself by all you did and all you remember!

These suggestions may provide the framework for your story.

bullet Include the Basics:  
  • Your full name and when and where you were born.
  • When you went into the service, and whether drafted, volunteered and where you were sworn in. Did you get a furlough at that time.
  • What circustances led you into the Army.
  • The city or town you lived in at that time, and include some family circumstances if you would like to share.
  • The reception center you began in, and then tell us where you had basic and how long?
  • Tell if you went overseas with the division or joined it later. Tell when and where that was. Tell when you went into combat or other assignments.
  • Be sure to include names of people who were with you and what happened to them. If you know where they are today, be sure to include that also.
  • The names of specific battles or hills where and when you were in action while in the 96th.
  • The camps you were in and your travels. What did you see? How did you exist in these situation?
  • If you were wounded, explain how it happened and please let us know how you are now.
  • For any medals you received, go into detail about what you did to get them, how and when they were awarded.
  • What rank you were when discharged. Where and when you left the service.
bullet As You are Writing:  
  • Be patient and straight forward. Tell about your experience, step by step. It's good to explain how you felt about it.
  • If there is something you would like for the reader to know, do open up and spill it out. Your experiences are unique. They are part of your life, your squad, your platoon and your company, regiment and Division.
  • Tell your story in your own voice - it will be much more realistic for those who know you. Be sure to use Army lingo, while avoiding any obscene words.
  • Do not worry if your grammer and spelling aren't perfect, or sentences are too long or short. We are happy to help with editing for spelling and punctuation if you would like.
  • Tell your battle stories in as much detail as you can - what your squad or platoon did. Tell the reader the how and why. What happened immediately afterward?
  • Be sure to give names, who your were with and who was hit, killed, wounded or escaped. Also include what was the enemy was like, and what was their body count?
  • Do write about the adjustments you had to make to go through basic training, living with others, and the duties you had to perform.
  • During your service, did you see any sailors, marines or civilians? Tell us about them too.
  • Tell about some of the more special events you participated in. Tell what you did when you had some spare time. Tell about your furloughs.
  • Did you participate with the USO? Did you meet any famous people? If so, that would make your story even more interesting.
  • Consider using some reflection. As you were a part of the Greatest Generation what do you think about that? What about the war we are in now or war in general?
  • Tell what it was like to be a Deadeye, and how that has endured through today.
  • If you have already written your story on paper, or have recorded your story on audio or video tape, send us a copy and we will put it in the right format for the internet. We can include photos with your story.

Deadeye, If you have questions, write me an email and my daughter and I will both offer suggestions.

Thank you. Bill Hill


We can help you submit your story into the National Archives for all to use for research and knowledge.  All we will need is your consent.


We have a place waiting - just for your story!

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have!

Let us know if you are working on your story!

To email us just Click - hill@rememberthedeadeyes

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