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“Okinawa the Last Battle,”

compiled by the Center of Military History of the United States Army,

Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC.

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“A Guide to Battle Sites and Military Bases in Okinawa City”

This booklet shares with you a glimpse of the conditions in Okinawa City during the war, and the people’s experiences at the time. The second half of this booklet includes information about the US military bases that still occupy 36% of city land since the war concluded more than 60 years ago.

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"Seven Stars …The diaries of Buckner and Stilwell"

by Sarantakes

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Love Company”

by Donald Dencker.

Deadeye Division Historian

Royalties from the sale of this book go to the 96th Infantry Deadeye Assn.

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"Leyte: The Return to the Philippines"

by M. Hamlin Cannon

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“The Battle of Okinawa, as Seen From the Foxholes of Ken Staley” by Ken Staley.


“The Deadeyes; the Story of the 96th Infantry Division”    Battery  Press

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“Operation Iceberg;” By Gerald Astor.


“The Typhoon of Steel” By Belote.


“Okinawa, The last battle of WW II” By Robert Locke

“The Battle for Okinawa” Colonel Yahara.  (From a Japanese perspective)


"Yours in Comradeship" by Ed Dukan An unofficial  history of the Deadeyes


"Words of War: Volume Three" Park Tudor Legacy Initiative   Edited by K Lerch.


"Tennozan: The Battle of Okinawa and the Atomic Bomb" by George Feifer


"Eagle Against the Sun"    Ronald H Spector.


Good Okinawa books by Marines are:

"Goodbye Darkness" by William Manchester

"With the Old Breed"  by Sledge