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Deadeye Memorials and Exhibits


Don Dencker has worked dilligently with the 96th Infantry Divison Association Heritage Fund to place Memorials dedicated to the 96th Infantry. There are now memorials in the North, East, South and West of the USA and memorial sites in other countries.

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Arlington National Cemetery

Also see PDF of dedication of Monument and LIving Memorial Tree


Block 34

Tree and Memorial under the tree.

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At Arlington National Cemetery this tree was planted with the memorial commemorating the 96th Infantry Division.


Camp Adair

Also see PDF document of the dedication at Camp Adair

Camp Adair, OR

June 6, 1988


Ft. Benning Museum

Georgia Infantry School

Also see PDF Monument Dedication


National Museum of the Pacific War

Fredericksburg, Texas

Also see PDF document of the Memorial Plaque Dedication

96th Infantry Division Association Monument

Admiral Nimitz Museum plaque

June 21, 2001


National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific War in Japan

Also see PDF document of the Memorial Monument Dedication


Large commemorative plaque and a small Divisional plaque

Map of Nation Memorial Cemetery of the pacific

Fort Snelling National Cemetery

Granite Monument

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The 96th Infantry Division Deadeye Association provided a granite monument with a bronze plaque to honor the memory or our fallen comrades of the 96th Infantry Division, U.S. Army who were killed on Leyte, Phillippines or Okinawa, Japan.

For all Deadeyes who fought with valor and distinction to defeat Imperial Japan during World War II.

96th Infantry Division monument dedication


96th Infantry Division Okinawa

Also see PDF file of Monuments in Okinawa

Restored Monuments to Col. May and Brig. General Easley on Okinawa

Fort Douglas Museum

Also see PDF document of 96th Infantry Division Okinawa Battle Heritage Exhibit.

June 14, 2003


Eldred World War II Museum

Division Display

Eldred, PA


MacArthur Memorial

96th Infantry Flag presented

Norfold, Virginia


Medal of Honor Memorial Building

Dedication of Beauford Anderson Hall.

Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

December 15, 2000

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Memorial Library Leyte    
Fort Lewis Museum more information needed  
Cam San Luis Obispo more information needed  

Camp White Museum

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