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“A Guide to Battle Sites and Military Bases in Okinawa City”

Includes many maps....

This booklet shares with you a glimpse of the conditions in Okinawa City during the war, and the people’s experiences at the time. The second half of this booklet includes information about the US military bases that still occupy 36% of city land since the war concluded more than 60 years ago.

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These Mem-O-Maps were sent to us by the grandson of

Deadeye Clyde Tunk, Deceased.


Japan Memo map
okinoaw Memo map
Phillipines memo map

These maps are by John G. Drury, 214th Ordnance Battalion - US Govt.

It's an uncommon occurrence to find these ephemeral maps, they were a handout to service men at the end of World War II and were an intended memento their visit as well as a means to orientation. The legend on each map encouraged service men to note where they “landed or anchored” and when, as well as where they “bivoucked or stationed” while there. Some maps note the airfields as well as headquarters and all vignettes of local culture and people. Some, such as the Okinawa show locals with quotes like “Hirohito Eat Hat” “Tojo Eat Shirt”.

Quote from and sold by

The Old Map Gallery, Denver, CO

okiniwa 3
Okinawa 1945
Leyte 1945
leyte area

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