Interview a Deadeye!

  Do you know a Deadeye? If so, how about asking him or her some questions about the Army experience, and we'll print your interview here!

Getting Started . . .

  • Write down the name of the Deadeye, Your name, age and your relationship to the Deadeye (Friend, Grandson, Great Granddaugther, Wife, etc.)
  • Write down the date of your interview.

Ask some basic questions, like . . .

  • When did you join the Army?
  • How old were you when you joined?
  • Where did you serve when you were a Deadeye?
  • What did you do in the Army?
#3 Pick about three questions and write down what your special Deadeye says.  
  Below are some suggestions for questions to ask!  
  • Why did you join the Army?
  • What does it mean to be a Deadeye?
  • What was one of the scariest times you had in the Army?
  • Did you ever have any fun in the Army?
Be sure to ask your own questions, too!
Click to get an Interview form, if you would like to use it.
#4 Share your Interview      
  • When you are finished, we will be glad to publish your interview here.
  • If you can, have someone take a photo of you and your Deadeye while you are working on this interview!
  • Email your interview and photo to:
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