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Dear Bill,
You and Jan have done an outstanding job in creating and maintining the web site Remember the Deadeyes. It has been a great service to our veterans and their families. There remains plenty to do in preserving the rich history of the96th Infantry Divisionand its soldiers. I do believe that the 96th Infantry Division Association Heritage Fund will also be a contributer to perserving the history of the Division.
... I am proud of you Bill for your many years of support to the Division Association and your service as a soldier in the 96th. Best wishes and good health!
Jim Collins
Major General (RET)

Keep it up, Bill.

Nothing you have done in your life - - other than raising a fine family - - can match your mission to preserve memories and legacy of this special group of men, of which, you were a part. So few of them are left. I admire and appreciate your efforts.---PS. As of this writing, I am in a hotel room two blocks from the War Museum of the Pacific in Fredericksburg, Texas, childhood home of Admiral Chester Nimitz. It is well done. I must admit to you, when I approached the memorial to the Okinawa veterans, I had to briefly walk away as tears filled my eyes - - remembering Dad. I would love to have brought him to this museum. It is my special tribute to his memory - -making a pilgrimage to a place where memories, mementos, artifacts, letters, and history speak to the time --- and of the men. I felt Dad's presence today. I'm still not quite over the experience.

Glad you E-mailed me today. Your connection to Dad's past, having been at the same place, on the same hills, is quite special to me.

Take Care -- Tom, Son of Woody Martin, JASCO team member attached to 3rd battalion, 383rd infantry.


William Hill,

As I sit here at camp Atterbury, Indiana as a Sgt in the us army waiting deployment and reading a book about Okinawa, I become teary eyed. Just remembering my grandfather, who served as a Sgt in the 96th infantry division. Sgt Edward Goliat was in leyte and Okinawa yet I never remember hearing any stories from him sans one. The one about him rescuing a fellow soldier from sniper fire, a man I affectionately came to know as uncle frank. Being third generation military makes me very proud, not only of my family roots, but of the service my family has provided to our country. As I patiently wait my turn, I just wanted to thank you for preserving the memory of the 96th and my grandfather, and all that served with him. I am proud to be a member of that team.

Sgt Samantha Goliat
C BTRY 5-113th Field Artillery


Mr. Hill,

I spoke with you early today on the phone. I am quite impressed with your web site and think what you are doing is really great! I served in the Army for 27 years and I am an Afghanistan Veteran (101st Airborne). Keep up the great work sir! I asked our communications guy in the Governor’s Office to put your web link on our Facebook Page. You can find Facebook page at

Very Respectfully,

Tim Dyke

Director of Training and Service
Indiana Department of Veterans' Affairs


I found your website as I've been doing some research on a family member's military service in WWII.

The family oral history says that this great Uncle of mine was awarded a bronze star medal while serving in the Pacific. We also understand he was awarded a purple heart, but the family history states it was for "jungle rot" as opposed to a wound directly caused by enemy action. Our research indicates his record was destroyed in the National Archives fire in the 70s.

Do you have any resources for Bronze Star or Purple Heart citations from the 96th?

The soldier, with some additional information we pulled from the morning sign in sheets, is:

Gall, Samuel L., SN #37231001, Co. M, 382nd Infantry Regiment.

Based on the history, I imagine the Bronze Star was awarded at either Leyte or Okinawa, but I have no idea which one.

Any resource you could point me to would be greatly appreciated.

Also, fyi, I'm a soldier myself, and was quite proud to deploy to Iraq with the 32nd Infantry (now a part of the WI army national guard), which has its own proud legacy of fighting in the Pacific!

Thanks in advance,

Mick Gall