Barney Avery, Deadeye

M. Co, 382nd Regiment US ARMY






The funeral for Barney Avery was held on the 24th of March, 2011 in Frankfort, Indiana. Barney lived for 86 years. There were hundreds of visitors that streamed into the funeral home that offered warm condolences to his family.

My wife and I were glad to have attended.
There was several family pictures displayed, a running video stream on the wall, a framed Deadeye poem, a large metal plaque engraved with fond expressions from his fishing buddies. and their wedding album. Also displayed was a large medal grave marker that included a notation the he had served in the US Army as a Sergeant, his picture, and an American flag.

After the personal remarks by the minister, there were those that came forward, and spoke of the affection they had for Barney. I was honored to share the story of how we met in our first foxhole in the rain on Okinawa, and listening to our artillery fire volley’s echo throughout the night. I continued for a few minutes touching on the experiences we shared.

My wife and I attended Deadeye reunions along with Betty and Barney, and he loved being with his war-time buddies.

Music was provided by a mutual Deadeye friend; Ralph Black, who had came up from Tennessee to honor him. Ralph had also played for their wedding.

Members of local American Legion Post presented the American flag to his wife Betty, which they followed with a live three-gun salute, and the playing of Taps.

A former Marine friend of Barney’s spoke to me about Barney’s life, and how fortunate our country was to have a man, who would return from the war, love and touch so many people.
We will all miss him.

Barney was a soldier who served in the second squad of the Mortar Platoon, with M. Co. 382nd Infantry on Okinawa in 1945.

By W R Hill; who served with him in the second squad.