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How did the Jeep get its name?

Whether you call it a Peep, Pygmy, Blitz-Buggy, or Jeep, the origin of the name ‘Jeep’ has been a matter of argument.
  Going back to the history of jeep, we come to know that it was one of the first off-road vehicles and a registered trademark of the automaker - Chrysler. The vehicle first appeared in the form of a prototype Bantam BRC and became the primary lightweight all-wheel-drive automobile of the US Army and allies during the World War II and even the postwar period. Although people know that the automobile was initially manufactured out of necessity, there are many who are still confused about how the vehicle got its name. There are many theories and versions about how did jeep get its name.  
  It is a popular belief that the name ‘jeep’ was derived from the abbreviation of the term G.P., which stood for ‘General Purpose vehicle’.  
  According to historical records, the term G.P. stood for automaker Ford’s nomenclature according to which, ‘G’ meant a vehicle for government’s use and ‘P’ was used to designate its 80-inch wheelbase.  
  In 1949, the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors, a manufacturer of railroad locomotives, launched its "General Purpose" line of automobiles, which were later named as ‘geeps’ and pronounced as ‘jeep’.  
  According to some historians, the word “jeep” was used in Oklahoma, in the 1930’s, to describe specialized trucks that were used in oil drilling.
  any people say that history of jeep dates back to the period of World War I, when mechanics in the garages used this term to refer to any new motor vehicle received for a test.

Another clarification for the word ‘jeep’ is that it was based on a character named ‘Eugene the Jeep’, which featured in the popular ‘Popeye’ comic strip in the 1930’s. The cartoon character gained instant recognition and became a sensation among the ardent Popeye fans.

  The word "Jeep" had been also used in reference to a small tractor, manufactured by Moline.

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